Alpiq Services CZ s.r.o.

Alpiq Services CZ s.r.o. operates an important Shared Service Center to provide effective support to Alpiq's internal customers as part of its operations in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. It is the provision of services in the areas of business processes such as finance, human resources management, information technology and many others.

Alpiq Energy SE

Alpiq Energy SE is Alpiq’s main entity for energy and gas trading and optimization in the region of Central East and South East Europe. It further provides relating energy management services to energy suppliers, distributors, utilities and industrial enterprises and operates an important service centre for the Alpiq Group.

Alpiq Retail CZ s.r.o.

Alpiq Retail CZ s.r.o. is newly established legal entity within the Alpiq Group with aim to offer various energy products and services to Retail and SME clients in the Czech Republic.

Alpiq´s name

Alpiq is a name that reflects our personality: "Alp" stands for the Alps, situated at the heart of Europe – where our roots lie. "piq" recalls a peak, reflecting our commitment to peak performance and peak load energy in the interests of our partners. The characters "iq" stand for intelligent solutions and quality.

Some facts about growing Alpiq team in Prague

  • 43% of women & 57% men
  • 13% colleagues are working part time
  • Average age is 38,5 years
  • Over 150 employees and more than 20 nationalities