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We offer job opportunities that will not only move you forward in your career but also allow you to participate in unique projects.

Alpiq Czech Republic

We are one of the largest energy trading company in CEE region with Swiss rootes.

Pleasant company atmosphere

Our working environment is pleasant and inspiring. Feel like at home with us.

Compensation & Benefits

For their work, Alpiq employees receive fair remuneration, benefits above standard and the best possible care.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We care for the environment by active support of charitable and voluntary causes.

Clean Energy

Alpiq is committed to affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly energy.
We are one of the largest cross-border energy traders in Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe

Job Opportunities

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Alpiq through employees' eyes

Read how employees perceive us

  • Petar, Energy Trader
    Being in Alpiq for me means working with intelligent, courageous and open-minded people in the modern, positive and motivating environment in the city center. Here, I feel welcomed and comfortable while achieving in multinational surroundings with honest, stable and clear business practices. At the same time competitive remuneration, set of employee benefits alongside a great HR team to support me make Alpiq the right place to work in.
    Petar, Energy Trader
  • Iva, Head Front Support
    I´ve been working in Alpiq more than 13 years. Alpiq is representing a place I really love. I like the content of my job as much as the collaboration with my colleagues. My biggest motivation is to help my colleagues solve problems and evolve. Alpiq is for me a great employer that is taking care of its employees. There is a very good atmosphere in our office, people are helping each other and are optimistic. A lot of these people are today true friends.
    Iva, Head Front Support
  • Lukáš, Contract Manager
    I have joined Alpiq as a student and I can say that I am really happy for my decision. For me, the most important thing is that I have found here a team that supported me both in my work and during my studies. What I truly enjoy are various social, sports and fun activities throughout the year including things such as yoga, photo contest, dancing lessons or weekend with cross-country skiing.
    Lukáš, Contract Manager
  • Daniel, Senior Controller
    I have been working for Alpiq for more than 14 years in controlling department and to say the truth I still like it. I am in daily contact not only with my colleagues from Prague, but also with my colleagues from other European countries cooperating on new projects and sharing our experiences. I would say that Alpiq has become my second family over the time, I enjoy meeting my colleagues not only at work, but also during afterwork social events.
    Daniel, Senior Controller
  • Kristina, Portfolio Manager
    I work for Alpiq because it offers interesting work with opportunities for personal and career growth. I am working in an international and friendly team. Work-life balance is always possible to achieve. Alpiq has a great human approach. It always gets along with employees and professionally supports them after maternity or parental leave.
    Kristina, Portfolio Manager
  • The company is very social - it takes a lot of care of an employee as such, we are always able to agree on everything and both my superior and the company usually meet my needs. The company is opened very well to part-time work and home-office can also be arranged by agreement. Throughout the year there are always some corporate events available, in the company there is a fun zone where you can relax from everyday activities and meet new colleagues, for example during ping-pong or table football. There are family relationships in the company.

    Here: https://www.atmoskop.cz/nazory-na-skupinu/58-alpiq
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